MICE-in-India: Action-based major Infra push

MICE-in-India: Action-based major Infra push

MICE-in-India landscape is set for an infrastructural change. As Delhi’s Hall of Nations goes down in the lanes of history, it will be apt to mention that it was not just another Exhibition Venue, it was a destination where the Indian Products showcase journey began, some 25 years ago. MICE INDIA story

Shekhar | Editor | MICE INDIA | 30 April 2017

MICE-in-INDIA: Infra Push


Hall of Nations Pragati Maidan Demolished

As the Iconic Hall of Nations at Pragati Maidan goes under the hammer, a leadership position it held for 25 years, the first signs of modern MICE Infrastructure development in India can be seen and heard loud and clear. I am sure it must have a been an extremely difficult decision, as I have been hearing about development of a world-class Integrated MICE Convention Centre in the heart of Delhi was for the last 5-7 years. But over the last one year, the project galloped and the progress was noteworthy.

The activity gained serious impetus and thrust when the honourable Prime Minister of India Sh Narendra Modi had to apologize to a large section of stalwarts of the Indian and Global Corporate world, for falling short of seats at Vigyan Bhawan during the launch of his first major Signature Campaign MAKE IN INDIA. In a way, his apology proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Indian MICE Industry (thank you Sir for being a catalyst to this effect too).

Over the years the Indian MICE Industry was failing to attract large global MICE Conventions for dearth of best-in-class MICE Infrastructure (India’s share on the global MICE charts less than 0.2%), as a result the advantages a MICE event brings to the destination were not being fruitified. But with this (future) city-centric world class Convention Centre (right in the heart of city of Delhi) hopefully will be the change of MICE landscape of Delhi (the power capital of India) and India as well. I say, Hopefully, as not much details about the project are known yet; who is going to build the Convention Centre, the marketing strategy, the timelines and more. But whatever said and done, this is the first step towards the MICE-in-India reboot. Extremely positive and sends many a reason to rejoice. MICE-in-India 2.0


MICE-in-INDIA-Reliance-Convention-CentreAlso, the fast developing 25000-seater Reliance Convention Centre, again right in heart of Mumbai (the commercial capital of India) at Bandra Kurla Complex will be a complete game changer for not only the MICE Industry in India, but will pose to be serious competition to all Convention Centres in South East Asia and Middle East. Again, details mentioned here are unconfirmed and so are the deadlines, but what we can safely say is that the project is fast-work-in-progress-stage. And Reliance is known for speed and scale, so any which ways the output for MICE-in-India will be more than best – infact greatest of all. 25000-seater itself is humongous.


If the Infrastructure development in India continues the way it is today, MICE-in-India will rightfully be on the path to achieve its projected 2% market share in the global MICE Industry by 2020.

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