Prague Congress Ambassadors attract 4,426 Conventions

Prague Congress Ambassadors attract 4,426 Conventions

Prague Congress Ambassadors attract 4,426 Conventions and the Prague Convention Bureau (PCB) lauds and recognizes the efforts, at the Ambassadors Program Evening Ceremonial Presentation

Namrata | MICE INDIA | 22 April 2017

Prague – Results-driven Initiative

Prague – The Convention industry remains central to the economic progress, the fact confirmed by the statistics of the Czech Statistical Office, which, last year, recorded the largest number of conferences in the capital over the past decade. In total, Prague and the city Congress Ambassadors attracted a total of 4,426 conventions for the destination.

Prague-inspiresPCB already for the eighth time, awarded the Congress Ambassadors for their contribution in the field of congress tourism. Ambassador Awards Evening ceremonial presentation, a part of the PCB Ambassador Program, took place on the premises of the Residence of the Mayor on 13th April. The event was held with the support of the City of Prague, represented by the Mayor – Mrs. Adriana Krnáčová. The gala evening was moderated by Veronika Paroulková.

PCB has been awarding Congress Ambassadors with the greatest credit for the development of congress tourism since 2010. The aim of the event is to award renowned Czech scientists, top experts, professors, and doctors who represent the Czech Republic in international professional associations, actively lobby in favor of the city and then participate in the preparatory work of scientific, program or organizing committees of international congresses held at the destination.

Roman Muška, Managing Director PCB, commented, “I would like to thank all the Congress ambassadors, who participated in the process of acquiring the events, for this achievement”.

prague-icca-congress-2017The prestigious 56th ICCA Congress is slated to be held in November 2017 (12-15) in Prague and will bring together the Who’s who of the MICE and Conventions to one of greatest Conventions destinations of the world.

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