Pushkar – Mystical. Magical.

Pushkar – Mystical. Magical.

Pushkar the holy land is known for the one and only temple of Lord Bhrama in the world. The small local destination has its own place on the world map

Bindiya | MICE INDIA | 21 January 2015

Pushkar – Land of Brahma


Lord Bhrama Temple in Pushkar

In the heartland of Rajasthan, lies the city of Pushkar, a small town in the district of Ajmer. Small in size, but teeming with tourists both Indian and foreign. As a place of religious significance, Hindus make it a point to visit there at least once in their lifetime. A temple dedicated to Lord Brahma, built in the fourteenth century, is located on the lake shore. According to a Hindu legend, Lord Brahma accidentally dropped a Lotus flower and the lake appeared on that spot. Pushkar as a destination has over 500 temples.

Cattle fair – Pushkar

Pushkar is famous for its Cattle fair held annually in November. It is the largest cattle fair in Asia. Over 50,000 camels are bought and sold here. Camels are carefully adorned with silver jewellery. The event attracts global attention, village folks hold dance and musical performances, for photographers it’s sheer delight.


The Cattle Fair Pushkar

The camel safari in the Thar Desert is an enticing option for tourists wanting to get a taste of the desert. The vibrant colours of the destination cast a magical spell on its visitors. Pushkar is a popular tourist spot, small eateries sell a variety of local Cuisines but Continental and Lebanese too is available easily. The nearest airport is Sanganer International Airport, about 146 kilometres away in Jaipur. Thereafter the destination is well connected by rail and road.

Pushkar offers accommodation and hotels catering to all types of budgets. The Palace and Resort are well known. Currently, Pushkar is attracting huge MICE attention because of its proximity to Jaipur. It is much favored by big corporates looking out to give their employees a short break.

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