Exhibitions in India unveils new facets

Exhibitions in India unveils new facets

Exhibitions in India have come of age. The industry is far more mature and organised than it was before, a couple of years back. Still its a long way to go. Being in transition mode will only delay the macro level benefits the industry can generate. MICE INDIA reports

Shekhar | Editor | MICE INDIA | 15 November 2015

Come August and it’s once again time to witness a bevy of activities in Exhibition and Convention Centres in India. But it is 14th of November every year that the exhibition scene in India goes full throttle and fires on all four cylinders.

Exhibitions-in-indiasYes, November 14 is special every year for MICE in INDIA. The largest ever Indian expo, both trade and consumer, opens bringing the city to a complete halt. Traffic in and around Pragati Maidan New Delhi stands still, marking the opening of the exhibition that is visited by 1,00,000 visitors every day. The exhibition has garnered a reputation within India and overseas that many countries participate with full swing pavilions, bringing loads of exhibitors, participants, delegates, business opportunities and new products and services into the country. The importance of the exhibition can also be estimated from the fact that each year the President of India inaugurates the show.

Like all previous years, for MICE industry in INDIA, this is the crucial date. This year as well, the exhibition industry has a long line-up of trade and consumer shows. In New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and more. Around 300 exhibitions are ready to roll in the next 90 days. The estimated number for the exhibitions in India is currently hovering around 700 a year, in the organized market and we have said in the past as well that around 10 times the same in the unorganized and regional markets (that are not accounted for). That’s a large number and in the coming three months we have about 50% of them showcasing.

This year is special. Two new elements are happening simultaneously and changing the face of the Indian exhibitions Industry.


PM Narendra Modi “Make in India” Signature Campaign

One, with the launch of hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi “Make-in-India” signature campaign the exhibitions Industry will have a completely new facet on display and in talk as well. Emphasis would be on manufacturing, technology, exchange, equipment’s and the likes.

Two, the exhibitions scenario is changing but slowly. Globally we have seen a trend of regionalization of exhibitions and other MICE events and Conferences. But in India it is a bit slow. Many exhibition organizers who previously organized one large exhibition in a major metro in India, now also organize a smaller regional show for other markets. There could be many reasons for this. (a) The smaller market has a new player trying to capture the market (b) it is getting expensive for the regional player to participate in the main brand expo (c) there is a new upcoming demand for regional exhibition (d) time is of essence (e) local market have started to play a bigger role and so on and so forth.

This has forced the exhibition organizer to take the event local. Again there are a few schools of thought. (a) In many ways it has expanded the exhibition market, yes, taking it to local markets (b) is the organizer happy and still profitable, may be, (c) has taking the local market diluted the core brand, question mark, can’t say OR (9) is there a risk of cannibalization ?

Whatever it is, it seems the Indian MICE Industry and the Exhibitions industry is in transition mode and many new facets would be revealed in, during and post this transition. Good show MICE INDIA.

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