Enlightening MICE experiences await in the Buddhist city

Enlightening MICE experiences await in the Buddhist city

Maha Bodhi Convention Centre – Hotel – Resort in the revered city of Bodhgaya beckons you for a unique enlightening MICE experience. MICE INDIA Editor Shekhar in conversation with Mr. Sambhu Basu, General Manager, Maha Bodhi Convention Centre (a unit of Yatri Vihar Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.)

Shekhar | Editor | MICE INDIA | 22 May 2017

Maha Bodhi Convention Centre – Zen MICE moments

Maha-Bodhi-Convention-Centre-mice-indiaBodh Gaya – The holy city where Lord Gautama Buddha attained unsurpassed supreme enlightenment – is one such destination the world knows about. Bodh Gaya is an ancient city with a great heritage and history, and remains one of the holiest places on earth, especially for followers of the Buddhist faith.

The most popular MICE destination among Corporates of Bihar/Jharkhand choose the Maha Bodhi Hotel Resort Convention Centre for their MICE meetings and Corporate Incentive Travel. ICICI Bank, IDEA CELLULAR LTD, MARUTI SUZUKI LTD, UNICEF, IOCL, MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA, HDFC, VODAFONE are some of the leading names that have endorsed the venue and put complete trust in it for their corporate functions and galas. Corporates, usually choose the Maha Bodhi Convention Centre for a 02 nights/03 days employee day-out and/or clubbed with meetings and conferences and also allow the executives to enjoy the destination.

International corporate travelers on the other hand, who visit the holy Bodh Gaya, try and collaborate business as well, at a destination that is known for taking care of businesses in a peaceful meditative manner.


Mr. Sambhu Basu, GM, Maha Bodhi Convention Centre

What a day it would be in the life of a Corporate or a MICE traveler, to kick-start his/her day with a meditation in the city of Buddha enlightenment, with pure vegetarian (satvik) food, in a great environment specially designed and crafted by the Maha Bodhi Hotel Resort Convention Centre, a business conference during the day, a visit to the “Tree of Enlightenment” in the evening, before signing off the day with sheer bliss (strictly no alcohol in the city). Isn’t this another way of looking at MICE, that helps the body and mind completely rejuvenate over a period of 2-3 days while you are in the city for MICE meetings. That is also another corporate goal of MICE – to refresh-up and to revitalize the teams so that they come back to work highly motivated and super charged.

Maha Bodhi Convention Centre – MICE Infrastructure

The Maha Bodhi Convention Centre is versatile enough to manage a large Convention, an incentive travel program with outdoor activities for delegates, a musical event, performances and live shows, the Amphitheater is an amazing part of the Maha Bodhi Convention Centre; and the destination is also a perfect place to host a grand wedding – a wedding destination in itself.

Maha-Bodhi-Convention-Centre-miceindiaThe Maha Bodhi Convention Centre blends the tradition and modern so well that one can enjoy the spiritual side of the destination as well contemporary, artistic flair of Bodh Gaya. The resort is a 86-key property and 9-suites spread over a lush green open surroundings, with extensive landscaping and numerous artificial water bodies. Walking distance from the Mahabodhi temple and the Holy Bodhi tree. Under 10 minute’s drive both from the Gaya International Airport and the Gaya Railway Station. With 6,000 square feet of meeting space, the Maha Bodhi Convention Centre can accommodate upto 600 guests for a MICE Convention / Conference. High speed wi-fi can be accessed all across the property; a full-service 24×7 business centre; swimming pool, gym along with an amazing spa facility completes the MICE infrastructure required to conduct a successful MICE event. Reason why the premium property in Bodh Gaya – the Maha Bodhi Convention Centre is the first choice and the most loved destination in the state of Bihar by Corporates.

Attractions @ Bodhgaya

The Mahabodhi Temple: One of the highlights of the religious township of Bodh Gaya, the shrine was constructed around the original Bodhi Tree in the 7th century AD. Today the shrine is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. The statue of Lord Buddha in a cross-legged seating position, attracts tourists and devotees from all over the world.

The Bodhi Tree: One of the chief revered locations, is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. The tree is believed to be the sapling of original Bodhi tree, which was taken away by King Ashoka’s daughter to Sri Lanka.

More attractions include the Barabar Caves, Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Khusinagar, Animesh Lochan Chaitya, Chankramana, Ratnagarh, Lotus Tank, Buddha Kund, Chinese Temple and Monastery, Burmese Temple, Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan, International Buddhist House and Japanese Temple, Thai Temple and Monastery, Tibetan Monastery, Archaeological Museum, Sujata village, Dungeshwari Hill (Pragbodhi) and the Maitraya Project and of course with Patna (the capital district of Bihar) and neighboring state of Jharkhand.

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